My life in Norway’s winter wonderland

This weekend my part of Norway was socked with snow, and it’s been like walking around in a snow globe.

We got nearly a foot of snow in about 24 hours and it was cool to see how the Norwegians took it all in stride. But hey, this is Norway, what’d I expect? When I lived in Portland, Oregon we got a dusting of snow and the city shut down.

I put a toy car on our porch so you guys can see how much it snowed.

I put a toy car on our porch so you guys can see how much

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It’s Been A Long Winter, But It Made For Fun Snow Days

The email came Monday night. School was canceled due to snow that had not yet begin to fall.  But the forecasters had been predicting Ice-Age proportions of snow, tossing around the once-funny, but now trite names like Snowpocalypse and Snowmageddon.

I was excited to tell Logan the news, he wouldn’t have to go to kindergarten tomorrow. Once he heard school was canceled, tears of sadness filled his eyes. I was baffled. I can’t win with this kid. He complains about going to school, now he’s … Read more ...

A Day In The Life Of A Snowtastrophe

The descriptions of this blizzard are endless. Snowmaggedon. Snowpocalaypse. Snowtastrophe. Snowlacaust. Or my favorite: winter.

A sledding path to the street.

OK so that’s a bit harsh, it *is* the worst storm in decades and it dumped a good 20 inches. And last night’s “thundersnow” was pretty cool, I’d never before seen lightning during a snowstorm. We’ve got about 4 feet of alps formed just outside our garage. So I’ll admit it, this was a spectacular storm.

I’m just glad we’re all home.

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