Top 5 things I miss about America

I recently went home to my beloved Chicago to celebrate my birthday and was immediately reminded of all that I missed about America.

Sweet home, Chicago. (Photo by JH)

I had a few free hours after sleeping off my jet lag and instead of exploring my city, getting a manipedi, or catching up with friends, I spent it sitting at Starbucks, writing and watching. Honestly, I couldn’t have been happier. Everyone around me was speaking English (and American English at that!) I had small talk Read more ...

Moms Hit Target stores for National Nurse-In

Across the U.S. many mothers headed to Target to nurse their babes in a flash mommy mob to support breastfeeding in public.

It all stemmed from a Texas mom who says Target store employees humiliated her for nursing her baby in the store. This is one of many such protests against what many call “restrictive corporate policies” outlining what nursing moms can or cannot do in stores or restaurants.

A Target official has since said the store supports breastfeeding moms and apologized for any inconvenience … Read more ...