Next Stop: Happiness

*I wrote this last weekend as sort of a therapeutic exercise for myself. Since this is my blog and my space, I figured, why not post it?*

Enjoying Caffe DeLuca.

Wow. Here I am, my last day as an AP newswoman. Yes, that’s the official term.

I plan to quit tomorrow. It’s been a long trip to get to this point. All throughout my maternity leave, it’s been should I go back? Should I stay home? Should I go someplace else?

We all know how … Read more ...

Finding Your Comfortable, 30-year-old Suit

As you know, I went to a WordPress conference this past weekend and had a blast. I love meeting new people and being inspired to grow. One of the commonalities among many of the women is that they had discovered the comfortability of the 30-year-old suit.

Turning 30 for some, including me, can be a quite a big deal. I had to try it on a few times before I could wrap my mind around it. “Ttthhhhhiiiiirrrrttttyyyy years old.” Me. 30. Wow. Then I asked … Read more ...