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How can I protect my son from becoming another Trayvon Martin?

Trayvon Martin. A name forever etched in the annals of America’s complex relationship with race. We all know the story. A 17-year-old armed with only a bag of Skittles, a hoodie and mocha skin is followed by a neighborhood watch … Continue reading

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Will Trayvon Martin’s Death Be A Watershed Moment Or A Blip On The Radar?

Now  that George Zimmerman has been charged in Trayvon Martin’s death, I am wondering what’s next. I’m not talking about the next steps in the judicial process, I want to know what’s next when it comes to America’s relationship with … Continue reading

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Our Hoodie Tribute to Trayvon Martin

I wanted our family to take part in some of the Trayvon Martin rallies in downtown Chicago. I thought it would be a good chance to be a part of combating an issue that some in America aren’t brave enough … Continue reading

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