New town, new friends: First Day of School in Portland

The first day of school. There’s so many emotions wrapped up in that little sentence, aren’t there?

When I first dropped Logan off at daycare, moms told me that I’d cry and cry. I didn’t. Then years later when Logan started kindergarten, I was warned again how I’d cry and cry. Though I was excited, nervous and grew verklempt at how fast his first five years went, there were still no tears to blink back.

Walking to school.

Walking to school.

This day was different. This day was … Read more ...

A Nail-biting Decision: Picking “The Right” Preschool

The new school year is just around the corner and many 3 and 4-year-olds will have their first day of school. It’s time for preschool, where’s your child going?

Picking one isn’t as trivial as you might think. There’s tons to consider. Full-time? Part-time? Do you want a program where you have to volunteer at the school? What about Montessori? There’s also some “must-have” school systems that are so exclusive you feel pressured to get into the $20,000+ a year preschool because that feeds into … Read more ...