Date Night with the Blue Hairs

I was so excited for the evening that I strapped on my 5 inch heels. It’s been awhile since mama put on those bad boys.

They're over a year old, but I still love 'em.

   It was Parents Night Out at my daycare, where they stay open 2 hours later. You can bring other kids who aren’t students at La Petite Academy and they’ll look after them too. It’s cheaper than a babysitter and along with all the kiddie fun, they feed your munchkin.
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Daycare Woes: When Your Teacher Is Not Making the Grade

Finding the right daycare reminded me of the research I did to find the right college. Student-to-teacher ratios, class curriculum, location, amenities. Cost. We finally found one that we have been generally happy with for the past two years, but the relationship is starting to sour as a couple teachers have left and my son’s current teacher keeps making missteps.

It’s not that we’re worried he’s being mistreated, it’s more about quality of care, such as the lack of follow through, forgetfulness and overall disorganization. … Read more ...