One Little Girl Gave Me A Much-Needed Reality Check


It’s been a long week. Hubby left for Berlin on business on Sunday night and returned Thursday evening. Friday midday he left again, but this time for a boys’ trip at our alma mater Mizzou.

AndrewEickSo I’ve been flying solo this week with my two little guys, and my youngest has croup, which means not much sleep for me and the need for an extra dose of patience as my poor baby is extra clingy, whiney, and just plain doesn’t feel good.

On Friday, I … Read more ...

Wanted: The Perfect Birthday Party

I’m starting to get a little worried. My son’s third birthday is in three weeks and I have no clue what we’re going to do.

For his first birthday we had a sizable party at the house. His second was at the local park district where the workers had great games and prizes for all the tots. This year I haven’t the energy to do either.

The options, though, are seemingly endless. You can take a tour of the fire department and have cake at … Read more ...