Mom bullied at the beach for wearing a bikini

It was my friend’s first time in a bikini in 13 years. She was on the beach in Alberta, Canada with her two kids, relaxing under the sun when three people began to taunt her.

“It started with, ‘oh my god, look. Look! That’s f—— gross!’” Tanis Jex-Blake wrote in a private Facebook group we share. She opened her eyes to see what the commotion was to find two guys and a girl standing above her. They were talking about her body and specifically the … Read more ...

My St. Patrick’s Days Through The Years: Pinches, Green Rivers And Bolo Hats

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! What did you do to celebrate? You know, I haven’t been much of a fan of St. Paddy’s Day. I think it started when I was in elementary school and I wasn’t wearing green for the day. I remember getting pinched, and pinched and pinched.

So yeah, no fun. Then in college it seemed like just another excuse to party, but this time with green beer. I liked the partying, but never got excited about the green beer because I don’t … Read more ...

How My Night Went From a Freelance Writing Panel to a Stripping Chipmunk

Walking back to my car in Portland after a freelance writing panel, I could hear the people whooping it up from the sidewalk. I peered through the windowed door to see a coffeehouse with an eclectic crowd applauding a clown.

Well, she was kind of a clown. She was more of a clown before a clown dons on the red nose, curly wig and big shoes. There wasn’t even a billowy polkadotted jumper for this maven. Instead, she was rockin’ some black fishnets and glitter.… Read more ...

The Stress of Moving Made A Little Easier

Moving is one of the most stressful things that can happen. Thankfully we had great movers, who after just a couple days began to feel like family.

First, when Hubby got a new job, it came with a relocation package and a relocation company that shall not be named, but was one of the most inept organizations I’ve ever run across. Though they were supposed to make life for us easier, they only made things more complex, annoying and ridiculously inflated the costs.

Anyway, after … Read more ...

Facebook Faux Pas: The accidental friend request

Have you ever made a mistake and then when you tried to dig yourself out of the hole you just made it worse? Me too.

It happens a lot actually, so let me tell you the latest faux pas. Basically, I was trying to find a picture of my red wall for a blog post. I couldn’t, so went to Hubby’s Facebook page because I thought he had a shot or two that I could download.

I’m on his page and instead of clicking … Read more ...