Planes, Trains and Automobiles … And a step ladder

This weekend my 4-year-old got to hang out with a few from the octogenarian set. Simply watching the way they talked with each other, it was clear they shared an understanding.  It was a deep, unabashed passion for the all powerful locomotive.

locomotive, trains, model trainsThe first public railway came in 1803 in London and choo choos have been wowing kids and adults ever since.  On Saturday, we went to the High Wheelers Train Show at Harper College, where there were 23 detailed displays of moving trains.

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Basking in the Christmas Afterglow

Looks like we made it through another Christmas. Another season of long shopping lines, crazy sweaters and stuffing the stockings and our tummies with holiday cheer. I’m a bit sad to see it end because I gotta say this was one of the best ever.

Yes, that’s Tiny Tim’s voice you hear in the background. (God bless us, everyone.) But allow me to be a little cheesy in my Christmas afterglow.

Making Christmas cookies.

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