Now That’s A First ….

*Since some of my readers had a hard time accessing my first storytelling piece. Here it is in its entirety.

Everyone remembers where they were that day. You know the day. THAT day. People were at work, getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for school. All in our usual morning routines on that particular September 11th.

At the time, I was a journalist for The Associated Press and hours after the towers fell, I was one of the four … Read more ...

Staking Our Claim: Getting Ready For July Fourth Parade

It’s July 3rd, do you know where your lawn chair is? If you live in my Chicago suburb, it probably is somewhere along the famed Independence Day parade route.

Fourth of July Parade Saving spots for this parade has become a competitive sport. It’s almost like “dibs” in downtown Chicago where people save shoveled-out parking spaces during the winter.  I’ve blogged about our spot-saving shenanigans before here. And last year we were at a family reunion, so I have been looking forward to spending July … Read more ...

Life in Suburbia: Competing With the Joneses

Manicured lawns. McMansions. Drive-thru Starbucks and Target. Aaaaah the suburbs.

I live in surburbia and as much as I mock it, we’ve carved out a cozy place. It’s convenient and my favorite part is the quirky charm. Take the July 4th weekend.

My suburb for some reason has THE most popular July 4th parade in the Chicagoland area. So popular that people started saving spots days in advance, putting their blankets and chairs on the front lawns of folks who live along the parade … Read more ...