One Year Later: My First Marathon

*I wrote this Oct. 22, 2006

When I crossed the starting line, I was terrified and wondered “What in the hell am I doing?” It was very cold with wind chills in the mid-to upper- 30s and a little drizzle here and there on the course.

But the only chills I got was from hearing the crowds cheer, especially because I shamelessly had my name plastered in big yellow letters across the front of my black shirt. (A friend of mine gave me … Read more ...

… I Think I Want To Run A Marathon

*I wrote this on Oct. 15, 2005.

Are you there God? It’s me… Melanie… and I think I want to run a marathon.

Yes, a marathon. A 26.2-mile, life-changing journey. The grueling feat that has claimed lives, millions of hamstrings and probably billions of toe nails. I don’t know why, I just have a yearning to do it. Well, to try to do it. I’ve been running off and on for two years. Usually just one or two three-mile runs a month. Then in … Read more ...

My New Year’s Resolution: A Chicago Bucket List

Each year I make a New Year’s resolution and as I’ve said before, I take it quite seriously and pride myself on not breaking it. For 2010 I did Christine Kane’s exercise of picking a word that’s your theme for the entire year. Mine was reclaim and I loved it.

I figure I’ve got too many life-changing adjustments to make in 2011 with the new baby, six months of maternity leave and other things to adequately pick a theme for the entire year. So … Read more ...