Running Hills to the Sound of Music

The last time I went running in Norway it was winter and I was unknowingly six weeks pregnant.  It was a challenging jaunt through the wooded area behind Hubby’s childhood home, but it was exhilarating.

About to go on a run with my SIL.

This winter, I went jogging in Norway again and this time I had my gorgeous sister-in-law with me. She’s recently been bitten by the running bug and is training for her first half-marathon in September.  Before arriving in Norway, we emailed … Read more ...

Rockin’ at Chicago’s Half Marathon

We did it. Today, Hubby and I ran Chicago’s Rock n’ Roll half marathon. Our feet carried us 13.1 miles or over 230 football fields, or up and down Willis Tower about 16 times or … You get the idea. It was a long haul.

But we did it..

Our day started off at 4:15 a.m., after I’d hit the snooze button a couple times. We had stayed up too late the night before and loathed dragging our carcasses out of bed.

On the … Read more ...

An Exercise in Time Management: Training for My Half Marathon

OK, I admit it. I was wrong. I thought with proper time management Hubby and I could easily train for the half marathon.

The boys konked out after a 5 mile run.

The boys konked out after a 5 mile run.

Clearly I was smoking something.

When I told him I was going to do Chicago’s Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon, part of him wanted to join. I warned him that if he did, I’d be more bullish about my training than I was with the Shamrock Shuffle. Since the Shamrock was … Read more ...

A Bump In The Road In My Half-Marathon Training

It kinda feels like someone is repeatedly slashing a razor blade across my shins. They’re shin splints. I’ve got ‘em. And it sucks.

My arsenal against shin splints.

I’m training for the Chicago Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon on Aug. 14 and it’s turned into a painful journey. I noticed the problem a month or so ago, so I got new shoes. They still hurt. I got compression sleeves (which are as sexy as old lady knee-highs.) When I ran the memorable 5K last month, … Read more ...