An American Family in London

Just as England is known for its ubiquitous love of pubs, our family is known for the same thing. And when we went to the UK for Christmas, it was like a match made in Heaven.

There’s something special about pubs. It’s like the community’s place of gathering, where you make new friends, catch up with old ones and simply connect with each other beyond the screens of our gadgets.

In Chicago we had our favorites and once I organized a train pub crawl with … Read more ...

My First Fox Hunt

It was Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, and we joined in on a centuries-old tradition in England: Fox hunting.

Though the fox hunting of yesteryear was outlawed in 2004, people still get dressed up and go through the other motions of preparing for a big hunt. My sister-in-law and her family live in a small English town, where there is a “fox hunt” and I was stoked to take part.

Gathering in the square to see off the hunters.

Gathering in the square to see off the hunters.

In packing for our trip … Read more ...

A Christmas in England

Christmas is already a magical time of year, but that “something special” seems magnified when you’re spending the holidays in another country. In comparing our traditions, I find myself admiring theirs and appreciating ours even more.

My husband is Norwegian so we’ve spent a few Christmases in Norway, reveling in the special dinners, the kids finding an almond in their porridge, and even a visit from Santa who delivers a few gifts early in the evening of Dec. 24 before he heads out for … Read more ...