Peace Meals: 4 Ideas for Entertaining Your Child in a Restaurant

Misbehaved children in restaurants has become such a problem that some eateries have banned children under the ages of 6, 10 or even 18, according to ABC News and the Huffington Post. Most parents would prefer to keep their children entertained and well-behaved while in a restaurant and not terrorizing other diners with screams or flying dishes and forks. From playing games to taking walks, here are a few ways to enjoy a meal with your kids in public.

1. Restaurant Games

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Working Moms Hustlin’ Through The Rat Race

We’re busy. Everyone’s busy. In this 24-hour, gimme now, result-obsessed, I’ll-sleep-when-I’m-dead-society, we’re all just too damn busy. I know this, you know this. We can talk about changing it later, when we’ve got time.

I do, though, want to discuss some of the creative ways we’ve handled the hustle. Just last week, hubby and I had to do a car hustle because one of ours was in the shop. We’ve got two: a Jeep, the family car, and a two-seater left over from our wild … Read more ...