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The First Day of School, An Interview and The Police

As many moms were packing lunches, correcting bed head, and keeping breakfast off of new shirts for their kids’ first day of school, I was doing the same mommy hustle for my 8 month old. It was time to ship … Continue reading

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Oh No She Di’int! Getting the Stink Eye at Daycare

Early in the morning I’d pull into daycare before jetting off to work and the other moms would glare at me. They’d give me a once-over and their eyes would narrow in distain. At first I thought it was in … Continue reading

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My Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Hustle for the Kiddos

Why is it late on Sunday night and I’m watching the Grammys while getting together what my kid is going to bring to school for Valentine’s Day tomorrow? What a sham. Every year at the last minute I jet to … Continue reading

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When It Comes To Our Kids, How Much Is Too Much?

We went last night for our parent-teacher conferences for our toddler. Yes, our toddler. We met with the teacher that we’ve been underwhelmed with and we were again, underwhelmed. (First of all, why can’t adults sit at big people tables, … Continue reading

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