The Sleep Battle: Will This War Ever Be Won?

I got kicked in the nose. Time: 1:53 a.m. Place: My bed. Alleged Offender: My kid.

Sound familiar?

Hey fellow moms, what is it with this sleep, or lack of sleep, thing? He’s almost three and we’re still struggling with sleep issues. He used to be a good sleeper, but that was ages ago. Now going to bed is increasingly a chore because all he wants to do is play with mom and dad, even pulls out the “I miss you” line which yanks at … Read more ...

The Favorite Parent: Mommy vs Daddy

Right now in our house I’m the favorite parent. He wants mommy to hold him, tuck him in, feed him, dress him, watch TV with him, play with his trains, read his books you name it, I’m it. Oftentimes it’s sweet, I really love Logantime, but at the end of a long work day, sometimes you want a nice snuggle and then have someone else do the bedtime struggle.

Logan’s going through the stage where he has a laundry list of requests before he … Read more ...

What Makes Me a Better Mom? No Kids and No Hubby

After my whirlwind weekend away with the girls, I noticed I was basquing in an afterglow of sorts. When my toddler dove into shrill screams of protest, I shrugged it off and kept going. When hubby forgot to take out the trash, again, I sighed. Well, he’ll just have to do it later.

Wait. Who is this patient person?

I noticed she shows up like clockwork right after I get a break from my husband and my kid and get to be me, not the … Read more ...