I’ll be honest. My family has a Netflix addiction.

But who could blame us really? First I’m a lucky member of the Netflix Stream Team, and not to sound braggy, but they do spoil us. For New Year’s the crazy lemur King Julien, featured in a Netflix original cartoon, gave us a box that would make any NYE party complete. Noisemakers, hats, 2015 glasses. We had some friends over and put them to great use.

The kids (big and small) loved all the NYE fixings from Netflix.

The kids (big and small) loved all the NYE fixings from Netflix.

Happy New Year! (Anyone else floored that it's already March?)

Happy New Year! (Anyone else floored that it’s already March?)











To also help kick off 2015 right, we received a Puss in Boots calendar. Puss in Boots is the Antonio-Banderos-sounding feline that we first met in Shrek. Frankly, when Puss in Boots was introduced to us in those movies, I found him utterly annoying, which is saying a lot because I can watch Spongebob and not get annoyed.

Anyway, I sat and watched Puss in Boots with my 7 year old and found myself chuckling at some of the lines. Clearly the writers are putting zingers in for us as well. Logan, who absolutely adores cats, loves the show. He’s already devoured all five episodes and is asking for when more will come out. (I asked the folks at Netflix, they didn’t have that information, but did give me a list of new shows coming this month. I’ll tell y’all more about that later.)

But all of that is healthy, good fun. The bad part of our Netflix addiction happens after the children go to bed, Hubby and I turn down the lights and our TV screen melts into that distinctive red. We are binge-watching old shows, and right now the show du jour is Sons of Anarchy. Oh. My. Lawdhabmercy.

Jaxson Teller. So scrumptious. I think I’m supposed to keep my Netflix posts PG, so I’ll stop there. But his chiseled… No I’ll stop. No 50 Shades of Jaxson here. Nevertheless, we love the show. It’s hard to avoid the spoilers online, but if I see a SOA-related headline on a post, I quickly click out of it. Anyway, our addiction is so bad, we’ve been staying up until 2 a.m. watching episodes, knowing full well that we have to get up in four hours.

Charlie Hunnam at Comicon. By Gage Skidmore.

Charlie Hunnam at Comicon. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

The problem is, and yep, I’m gonna blame my husband, The Enabler. We finish up an episode and he eagerly asks: “One more?” This happens about four times. Both of us are looking forward to finishing the series so that we can pretend that we have some sort of self control.  The only time this “one-more” tick doesn’t happen is if I experience a surge of will power and immediately turn off the TV when the episode we’re watching is over.

There are many shows we watch separately, for example he finished Black Mirror a week before I’d started. I’m on episode 5 now and wish I’d seen it earlier because it’s a really thought-provoking series. Also, he’s miles ahead of me when it comes to the Netflix original House of Cards. But with Sons of Anarchy, we have to see that together. The only exception was last week when he was traveling, he asked if it was OK if he saw an episode because he needed an escape from a tough day.

We watched the episode that night in separate cities. Kinda lame, but it’s our “thing.” Some couples run together, climb mountains, ride bikes, camp or hike, but not us. We’ve got our lovely Netflix addiction, which will never change, and we’re good with that.



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