My St. Patrick’s Days Through The Years: Pinches, Green Rivers And Bolo Hats

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! What did you do to celebrate? You know, I haven’t been much of a fan of St. Paddy’s Day. I think it started when I was in elementary school and I wasn’t wearing green for the day. I remember getting pinched, and pinched and pinched.

So yeah, no fun. Then in college it seemed like just another excuse to party, but this time with green beer. I liked the partying, but never got excited about the green beer because I don’t … Read more ...

5 Reasons to Decrease Your Children’s TV Time in 2014

You’ve made your own New Years resolutions, but you might want to set some for your children as well. The television is an enticing entertainment option for young ones, but too much television time has the potential to cause issues in several areas. And know that you’re not alone in your struggle of figuring out the balance new documentbetween television time and peeling your kids away from the TV. The American Academy of Pediatrics found that the average child spends a total of seven hours per Read more ...

Achieving Martin Luther King’s Dream: Are you doing your part?

Today is Martin Luther King Day, when we look back on a courageous man and the movement for equality. Has King’s dream been realized? No, it hasn’t.

Interlocking fingers with my son.

Me and my son.

Yes, we have a black president, and as monumental as that is, it doesn’t mean we’ve achieved his dream. We are much, much closer than we’ve ever been, but still not there. Not when we’ve got a justice system that unfairly metes out “justice” from racial profiling in arrests to sentencing laws that are … Read more ...

Peace Meals: 4 Ideas for Entertaining Your Child in a Restaurant

Misbehaved children in restaurants has become such a problem that some eateries have banned children under the ages of 6, 10 or even 18, according to ABC News and the Huffington Post. Most parents would prefer to keep their children entertained and well-behaved while in a restaurant and not terrorizing other diners with screams or flying dishes and forks. From playing games to taking walks, here are a few ways to enjoy a meal with your kids in public.

1. Restaurant Games

The Child Development Read more ...

The Life (And Death) of Our First Pet

My 6-year-old has been asking for a pet for the past two years.  And we’ve always said no.


Because the timing wasn’t right. Because we didn’t have enough space for a dog and I’m allergic to cats. Just because Hubby and I didn’t want the extra responsibility and hassle.

After incessant pestering, we caved. We decided we could manage a goldfish. It’s low maintenance and took up little room.

The big day came when the entire family went to Petco and Logan skipped to … Read more ...