Spongebob, Freddie Mercury and Facebook

Hubby had a Facebook post that was so reflective of conversations in our house. See it below:

Logan: Dad, have you heard the song “We Will Rock You!”?

Dad: <Proud> Yes, definitely – that’s a great tune, Logan! How did you hear about that?

Logan: Dad, it’s by Spongebob, Squidward and Patrick, so it was on one of the cartoons I saw.

Freddie Mercury: <Spinning in Grave>

*sigh* I wonder what songs will appear on my grandchildren’s cartoons? Some how I just don’t see Flo Read more ...

Pad-A-Lock: Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Tour Hits Chicago Theatre

Well folks, she did it. Nicki Minaj laid it out in high-energy, lyrical spitfire splendor at the Chicago Theatre in her U.S. opening of the Pink Friday Tour.

The sold-out concert had all the well-knowns, “Starships,” “Turn Me On,” “SuperBass,” and “Beez In The Trap.” For some of her longtime fans, there was a treat from her mix-tape days. (Though I had to wonder how many of the young fans have ever heard a song on tape.) In the mix-tape moment is where Nicki showed … Read more ...

Nicki Minaj Is Set To Land Her Starship in Chicago

I’m super-excited. Tonight I get to enjoy my Mother’s Day gift from Hubby: Tickets to the Nicki Minaj concert.

Yes, I will probably be among the oldest in the crowd, but I don’t care. It’s Nicki! I’ve loved her rhymes before it was cool to do so.

As a wordsmith, I always enjoy an artist who is a gifted lyricist. When she first came out, I remember asking a few friends what they thought of her and they were very blase. I wondered if I … Read more ...

My Crazy Family, Axl Rose and a Chicago Deli

I’m crazy and it’s because I come from crazy. Last week my entire family made the historic trek to visit me for Thanksgiving. Some would call this a nightmare but not me.

Most of the family in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner.

Most of the family in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s been about 10 years since everyone came to Chicago to see me at the same time. This year, all of the planets came into alignment allowing for my mom, dad, sister, her significant other, my niece and nephew to come.

I’ve always … Read more ...