I’m crazy and it’s because I come from crazy. Last week my entire family made the historic trek to visit me for Thanksgiving. Some would call this a nightmare but not me.

Most of the family in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner.

Most of the family in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s been about 10 years since everyone came to Chicago to see me at the same time. This year, all of the planets came into alignment allowing for my mom, dad, sister, her significant other, my niece and nephew to come.

I’ve always prided myself in building a good support network here because we don’t have much family nearby. But really, there is nothing like being with *your* family. Among my friends I’m generally the nutty one and last week it was great to be among the nuts in the nuthouse.

I felt like Logan got a better idea of why mommy’s crazy. He got to see other “grown-ups” shakin’ their rump to the radio or doing gymnastics in the living room. He saw others yelling and breaking out in ear-splitting laughter.

For Thanksgiving we ate ourselves stupid, per usual, and sunk into the obligatory coma. It was great and my bird was highly praised.

The next day four of us decided to go downtown, the others were going to chill at the house. While preparing to leave, I bellow that we’re leaving in 20 minutes and suddenly our party of four grows to a party of seven. Who knew so many people could get ready in such a short amount of time?

We piled into the car like fraternity boys in a telephone booth and raced to the train station. Once we were downtown, we stopped in a deli for a bite to eat. Hardly anyone was inside, but Def Leopard was blaring Pour Some Sugar On Me.

My sister and I exchanged knowing looks. Oh yeah baby. We have the same eclectic taste in music and were equally stoked.

Me, my sister and Hubby sang between placing our orders and eating our food. My niece, nephew, son and sis’ boyfriend danced and bobbed their heads. This went on throughout lunch thanks to artists like Whitesnake and Tina Turner. Whenever getting a refill on a soda it was like taking a spin down the Soul Train line.

The workers behind the counter smiled with amusement and the owner’s wife looked so entertained all she was missing was a bag of popcorn to munch on while watching us.

After our yummy sammiches were devoured, we heard the unmistakable riff by none other than Slash. It was Sweet Child O’ Mine.

Out came the air guitars and the Axl Rose sways. My sister and I dominated on the vocals, even though neither of us can sing. It’s all about the passion, I say.

We cleaned up our mess while rockin out and began walking out as Axl unleashed his last wail. Then like all awesome rock stars, when the song was over, my sister shouted: THANK YOU! … GOOD NIGHT!”

I don’t think the people in the deli will ever forget me and my crazy family.




My Crazy Family, Axl Rose and a Chicago Deli — 10 Comments

    • You’re right. It’s not insane crazy, just good crazy! 🙂 I love having a great time and it’s cool that even though like all families we’ve got our dysfunctions, but we enjoy each other’s company.

  1. Crazy is what makes life worth living…at least that is what I tell myself when surrounded by family. 😉 I would love some tips on building an extended network in a new place away from family. Seven years as a military family and I still struggle a little after each move. Hugs, Jen

    • Yes, crazy does make life worth living, or it at least keeps you from getting stabby. On the building an extended network, that’s a great blog post idea, one that I’m going to do and (hopefully) I’ll remember to send it to you.

      You’re always going to struggle when you go to a new place, for me the key is to push myself to make new friends and spend time nurturing that relationship. You’d be surprised at how fast you can make honest connections. If the chemistry is there with a mom at a park, instead of wondering if you should get her number or worrying about it being awkward, ask her for her phone number. Then *call* her. You’ve gotta have follow-through. So many of us don’t. We just say: Hey, we should have lunch some time. And that “some time” never comes.
      Also in your communication with these new friends, be honest. No need to put on airs or anything like that and your honesty will build an honest relationship.

      Wow. That was a long response. Hopefully it helps a bit, it’s what’s worked for me. 🙂

  2. I love how your family can pick up right where it left off, AWESOMENESS, I felt like I got to be apart of your Thanksgiving, thank you “Sweet child o mine”, one of my favs! 🙂

    • Yes! “Sweet Child O’ Mine” is one of the best songs ever. No doubt. And you’re welcome to come over for Turkey Day anytime. We always make plenty o’ food. 🙂

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