I think there needs to be a way to teleport what I’m thinking right on to my blog. Now bear with me, I’m not blogging while drunk, nor have I gone off my meds.

There’s so many posts I want to write, so many things I want to say, but when it comes time in the evening when I’m done cooking, cleaning, calling, carpooling and coddling, I’m spent. I’ve got some posts mostly written though. There’s tales from the waning days of 2011. Half-written yarns about my three weeks in Norway. Snippets of thoughts on my weight loss, my latest trendy buys, launching my freelance career, being a mom with a new work/life balance. Oh yeah. Good stuff.

For awhile though I thought I lost everything on my computer because my hard drive died when I was in Norway and I hadn’t backed up my posts and half posts. My husband poked me again about using Evernote, which allows you to access your notes and other musings from your phone or any computer. Thankfully the GeekSquad recovered my stuff and I got a new hard drive.

But back to my original point. If someone could create an app or a plug-in or some such, I could just think these lovely thoughts and then BAM! They’d be posted with precision on She’sWrite.

Until then, I will have to figure out a way to build a better mousetrap.



Build A Better Mousetrap: Finding Time to Make It Happen — 9 Comments

  1. I’m right there with you! There are so many posts that are rumbling about in my brain, that never make it to my keyboard. I’m trying the old fashioned notebook method (jotting my thoughts down) so that at least 3 of the 1,000 post ideas actually get blogged. LOL

    • LOL. I love that you feel me on this. I even debated about writing it, but with all that’s going on, I felt that I needed to give my blog a little love, so I just started blathering and then PING! I posted it. BTW, I do like writing things down the old fashioned way too, for me, it sticks in my brain better.

    • You know I’m scared of Pinterest. Really, I am. It sounds so wonderful and perfect and filled with pretty things. I don’t want to become addicted to it like a lot of my friends. Besides, I’ve got Facebook, Twitter, my blog and e-mail to eat up my time. I would hate to donate even more to Pinterest, even though it sounds so wonderful and perfect and filled with pretty things.

    • I completely agree. I could also use an app that washed my dishes and put them away, did my laundry and put it away, and looked after my kids when I had non-kid friendly things to do… (I could go on and on) 😉

  2. I have posts that I’ve wanted to get up since starting my blog. I just get tired or can’t find the time or can’t focus or whatever. Especially since being pregnant, I thought I’d blog about the pregnancy a lot and instead I’ve practically stopped blogging altogether. I probably have 100 half-finished posts. Meh, maybe someday I’ll get my act together.

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